Version 9.3, Issue 3: Notification shows wrong alarm as next alarm

I have HTC U12+ phone, Android 8.0.0. Since the Caynax Alarm Clock update, I now have three issues. This is issue three: Notification shows wrong alarm for next alarm.

I don’t have an idea how you can replicate this issue. I have several alarms set, some are Cyclics, one is Any, and two are Timers. The alarms are sorted correctly in the main display so that the next alarm is on top. However, some other of my alarms displays in Notifications as being the next.

This makes the Caynax Alarm Clock confusing to me.

Considering all three issues, I will be disappointed if I need to find another alarm app because I really liked Caynax Alarm Clock before the last update. I felt I had finally found an Alarm App that works the way I need it to work.

I hope Caynex can reproduce the issues I identified and either

  1. Instruct me how I need to configure Caynax Alarm Clock to remedy the issues, or
  2. Tell me I won’t need to wait long for Caynax to remedy the issues in the Alarm Clock software.

I have the same problem with my Nexus 6p. But I’ve noticed that the quick alarm setting actually make the alarm sound but none of the others work , any, cyl, weekdays.
Also the widget doesn’t display the next alarm and I’ve tried turning off and on the battery optimization

The latest version fixed my problem thank you!

Yes, I see the alarms correctly sorting by time. Thank you.