Vibration type are different

I have recently migrated to Samsung S23 Ultra. Now the vibration type from phone and the vibration type from the alarm clock are no longer the same. I chosed ‘basic’ on the phone and alarm clock is different.

Please advise

Please let me copy a mail from another user that explains it:

I found a new setting that impacts Caynax Alarm Clock’s ability to vibrate during an alarm. This is called “Media vibration”, and it’s at the bottom of the Vibration & Haptics settings page. It needs to be non-zero for Caynax to vibrate.
A settings screenshot is attached, and the following info and logs are from a test run with this Media vibration slider turned all the way down to 0 (when the alarm would not vibrate). With the slider turned up, vibration occurs as expected. I don’t like touch haptics, so I accidentally turned Media Vibration down as well, since it appears under the Interactive Haptics category.


The email refers to the alarm not vibrating. However, my problem is different. My alarm do vibrates but the vibration style is different from system setting.

That’s because application uses own vibration pattern.

Anyway to change the app’s vibration pattern ?

Unfortunately not. I didn’t want to bring too many settings like I did “long” time ago.