What I use Sports Tracker for.. bike computer

I cycle for pleasure/exercise, sometimes at night when its quiet. Usually just between 10 and 20 miles.
I run the software on an old 5" Samsung J5, its runs perfectly! The advantage of such an old phone technology is the battery lasts for hours and hours with the screen on all the time. And if I am robbed they only get a ‘worthless’ old phone with £10 of credit on it.
Its been stripped back so just runs Caynax, has a local map loaded from Google so doesn’t need data and has a bit of music I sometimes Bluetooth to a helmet headphone. It can take pictures if needed and I have put in it a PAYG sim with a modest amount of credit on, mobile normally data disabled, so I can phone, txt and internet if needed in an emergency, all you need on the road. Sits in a waterproof handlebar holder.

I don’t tend to go out with a route plan and often just wander and explore, the map in the app shows me roughly where I am relative to home so I know if I am getting further away or heading back. Speed to try to keep my pace up, distance obviously. I like to see my average pace and calories estimate when I finish, also how much ascended and descended.
For what was a redundant old phone that was literally only good for the dustbin, Sports Tracker has turned it into a sophisticated and totally useful bike computer. I love it.