Where can I get some explanation about how to use these codes

Caynax codes

Add templates for TTS with next options:
for example now “2:12:30 October 1, 2018”
%h - hours - speak “two”
%hh - hours with national “hours” - speak “two hours”
%n - minutes - speak “twelve”
%nn - minutes - speak “twelve minutes”
%s - seconds - speak “thirty”
%ss - seconds - speak “thirty seconds”
%d - day - speak “first”
%w - day of week - “monday”
%m - month - speak “ten”
%mm - month - speak "ten month "
%mmm - month - speak “October”
%y - year - speak “eighteenth”
%yy - year - speak “twenty eighteenth”
%yyy - year - speak “twenty eighteenth year”
Add line in optoins “fill by template” lower user-defined field of template

Good day!
“chaim list” has options “chime mode”
There are “Restore default TTS texts”
I purpose make below option “Fill TTS texts by templete” and text line “Template” for writing template.
Syntax of Templates wrote above.

Tapping “Fill TTS texts by templete” fills items of chime list by user defined Template. It similar "Restore default… ", but filling by text from Template line

I will think about adding more options as suggested in first post.