Woirkout History in Caynax Tracker

Hi - great app.
In the past I have viewed HISTORY and seen last workout , last week etc. I just checked (10th May) and last workout recorded was late April despite having used several days in May. I have looked around and can’t find an obvious way of saving details for future use in HISTORY. I can export the data (nice) but would like to see Weekly, Monthly etc.

I am sure I have managed this before - so even more confusing.
How do I save?
Help appreciated.

I got a little lost about the problem but I hope I can help you.

Please notice that STATISTICS and HISTORY view both have date range filter but they are independent - selection on one doesn’t copy value to second view.

Inside app backup and restore settings view you have “TRASH” option where you can view deleted or unsaved activities.

More statistics (users suggestions after migrating from Endomondo) are planned for future releases.

Think I’ve got it now - thanks for your help.